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Editorial Reviews. Review. Meth, there is little good to say about it. Crazy Town: Money. Marriage. Meth. tells the story of Sterling R. Braswell and his wife.
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Increasing public awareness is a significant means for prevention. Steve Box, Describes what crystal meth is and the effects on the body and mind. Jeremy Harrow, This book is the first-ever practical guide to addressing and overcoming addiction to crystal methamphetamine, one of the widest spreading, most addictive recreational drugs in America-from a New York City-based psychiatrist specializing in Dirk Johnson, Dreamlike in quality and weaving flashbacks to the hurricane in with Laurel's present-day struggles, this is a stunning novel that readers won't want to miss.

Jacqueline Woodson, Mind Over Meth is the true story of one family's struggle to live in the dark world of meth, and their victory over its clutches. Debra Hedgcorth, Illinois passed a law establishing a meth -manufacturer registry similar to the state sex-offender registries. The names of individuals convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine are posted online. Other detailed information is supplied as well Elaine Landau, Discussion of methamphetamine abuse and its social costs.

Frank Spalding, Once located in rural towns and on the West Coast, meth has erupted across the United States and is now devastating countless families, children and neighborhoods. Philip C. Keeling, Sterling Braswell has two tickets to crazy town: one is his riveting personal account and the other is a thorough global history.

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Sterling Braswell was a millionaire—palatial ranch, stock options, and money in the bank. Sterling R. Braswell, Police: Chemicals at federal lab explosion consistent with meth …. Chemicals found after an explosion at a government laboratory north of Washington are consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine, Meth seizures, number of addicted babies on the rise. Federal meth probe nets seven in Chattanooga, two in Boaz, Ala. Authorities said a methamphetamine network run by two Georgia prison inmates included at least nine people in Chattanooga and Boaz, Ala.

Customs seize quarter of a billion dollars of meth. Brothers busted with meth paraphernalia at Decatur apartments …. Police say the received complaints of alleged meth manufacturing at their unit in Regency West Apartments. I learned a great deal of history about drugs and substances, going back through the years to eventually to current times and the many similarities. Sterling has very good insight into a better way of handling our drug epidemics and the people involved with them. Good book! May 07, Patty rated it really liked it. Interesting - loved the way the writer went back and forth with history and his story.

Usually that type of writing style frustrates me but he kept it tight and factual. Just enough to not take away from the story. Learned interesting facts along with a heartbreaking story. Excellent account of what methamphetamines can do to a stable family. Good , interesting book, but a little annoying because after every chapter dedicated to the author's personal experience, there is a chapter detailing the history of drugs in America.

Jun 27, Sue rated it really liked it. Interesting memoir of a man who had his life changed by meth despite never using the drug himself. Nicely done story with a history of stimulants and how they were developed, used and eventually why most were banned. Jul 08, Yvette Plouffe rated it it was amazing. Interesting true story about the authors life dealing with a drug addicted wife. Intermittent chapters about drug facts and statistics. Loved the book and read it in one day.

Unreal what he went through! Crazy Town is a sad story. I am sure it was healing for the author to tell his story and for that reason I give it 3 stars. A book I would not recommend. Drug Is God This is very well written.

The true lives of low-level drug dealers: "What's the point of surviving if you can't live?"

Mixing history about all Drugs from CE to is an education for the reader. Thia memoir, written by a man whose life has been irrevocably changed and damaged by amphetamines is well worth reading. First of all, Mr. Braswell, is not an amphetamine user himself. However, after many years, he ran into his high school sweetheart, and the two married. What the author did not know was that his wife had become totally addicted to amphetamines, to the point she emptied their joint bank accounts while having an affair with one of their employees, so that this employee could "coo Thia memoir, written by a man whose life has been irrevocably changed and damaged by amphetamines is well worth reading.

What the author did not know was that his wife had become totally addicted to amphetamines, to the point she emptied their joint bank accounts while having an affair with one of their employees, so that this employee could "cook" batches of meth to make money and for personal use. This is one crazy and almost unvbelievable story.

However, the author tells it very well. He has also done his due diligence in researching the history of meth, Ecstasy and other related drugs. I would be willing to be that if the public in general knew that Adolf Hitler had an amphetamine shot daily not to mention the factory workers in both Japan and Germany to increase work production, as well as to fly Kamikaze missions , the drug would not be so popular. JFK, too, also had shots of amphetamine and Vitamin B12 daily. However, at that time no one could see the future.

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This group of drugs has helped to bring down western society, not to mention it is physically harmful both to the user, the "cooker", and the environment. I once saw an idiot pouring his used motor oil out on the ground by Shasta Lake; wonder how many meth cooks have done the same with their waste? These materials get into the water table and help to destroy the planet. What amazes me is that this drug is still popular;however, there have been scientific studies done showing that "altering" our own reality may be hardwired into the human brain. If that is so, instead of wasting all this money on an unwinnable "war", perhaps scientists should find more benign alternatives to these most dangerous and terrible chemicals.

A perfect example is alcohol, although there will always be the people who abuse any substance. However, this particular class of drugs is especially dangerous because it has killed people because of overdoses, explosions, not to mention home invasions and related crimes that go along with the extreme craving some people have for the drug.

It has been shows that after long time use, the drugs in this class can cause permanent psychosis, Parkinson-like symptoms, and brain damage on the cellular level. And those are only the ones which have been strongly studied. Braswell ended up divorced from his wife, and he ended up with the custody of their child, but as he says, once you have a child with someone, they are always in your life, one way or another. I am sure there are millions of people out there who wish they never had gotten involved with so-called "tweakers. Lord please don't judge me for wanting to move away from the area where I used to live because these folks are like fleas.

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They leave irritating bites and you can't get rid of them Overall, a very well-written book! Jul 30, Michael Flanagan rated it did not like it. It is very rare that I hand out a one star review but this book is a train wreck. The author alternates chapters between his story and the history of amphetamines.

While this might have been good in concept in reality it just annoyed the hell out of me.

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Every time I started to get into the narrative I was ripped away into this separate tangent. As for the'actual' story this is where the real train wreck occurs. It jumps all over the place and has no flow what so ever. The editing is atrocious an It is very rare that I hand out a one star review but this book is a train wreck.

The editing is atrocious and really impacts on the readability of the story. For example during one passage the story jumps from one scene to the next, excuse me a new paragraph would have been nice. This book is only the second one I have never able finish and this is a shame because the story had so much potential.

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It highlights the danger of quality control the self-publishing movement can bring. Jun 09, Gina rated it really liked it. I was intrigued by Sterling Braswell's point of view and loved his story. I did like the history of meth and a background of meth in general. I found this book very interesting.

Crazy Town

Mar 12, Corinne Wallace rated it really liked it. Read it: Very interesting, a good strong history lesson slashed with crazy meth psychos. Ike, yep it kept me hanging on till the last page. Jun 14, Liz Engstrom rated it it was ok.

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