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Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth don't know everything, but that did not stop them from boldly starting a podcast called How to Do Everything.
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The more you get into podcasting, the more you will see how amazing the exposure can be and the rankings you can grab. And, wee all know the search engines love quality content. I am only sharing what is out there and what we use. Podcast hosting options are plentiful. We use Google sheets to plan everything out. It is a free and simple system.

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Both Dave and I have access to this, and it is great for writing thoughts down that come about upcoming shows, or ideas for shows. Google Forms work really well for us in capturing guest information. It helps us be prepared, and it is also a nice little carrot to dangle for potential guests knowing they can drop a link and share whatever they want on their bio page with our listeners.

When it comes to ideation for podcasts, our strategy is all over the place. We have one centralized spreadsheet where we dump everything, but ideas can come from anywhere at any time. Basically, we are taking our real-world everyday lives and inserting them right into the show with ideas that come in real-time. Still not sure you can Podcast, or worried that it is going to be too expensive?

How Podcasting Works

Let me show you a few of the costs involved, and you can answer that yourself. Check out this screenshot below for just a taste of what is out there. For offline recording, you can also use Garageband iTunes or Audacity to edit and process your recordings. These are all-in-one options that will even host, record, process, analytics, automatic transcription, and give you the ability to include an intro and outro as you record and more in some cases.

Most include only some of those features, so figure out what matters to you and go from there. We use Tryca.

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I use the Blue Yeti mic and just a simple pair of earbuds that are plugged into the Yeti mic. Every time I take a trip, I try to have a branded podcast sticker and take a picture with it to share on our social channels. I love that. Dave and I include links to the podcasts and little blurbs anywhere we can. Here is an example of that podcast showing up on a personal page of Dave's on a business site:. The guests you have will often help you promote without prompting, but make sure to mention the benefit of them sharing their podcast episodes.

And let your guests know when you will initially share their podcast so they can answer any questions that might pop up on social media. Alright, onto the most important thing I know you have been wondering. Visit these sites below and sign up! If you have an opportunity, guest post somewhere and can mention your podcast. Take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. You can make money podcasting.

Podcasting equipment

It has been great for guest opportunities, speaking engagements, or even posts like this one. My biggest advice would be to just jump in and get started. What I have learned is if your content is good enough, listeners are willing to look past little technical difficulties and enjoy consuming the content. Suggest a topic Suggest a topic Request a feature Report a bug.

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Learn more. The creative and visual side come from me. I love photography, and I own an agency that focuses on creative visual content. I have a background in Radio.

I was a DJ and was a morning show co-host. Dave is active in the Digital Marketing trenches with clients and is able to manage and update the site and other technical aspects. So a successful formula includes: Actually liking each other, even if your opinions differ.

Everything With Podcasting - Reviews, Setup and How To's

Having similar and yet different skillsets and talents. Being able to divide and conquer the tasks and work as best as you can.

How to Record a (Great) Podcast

Schedules that work at least often enough to make your show work. Finding a Podcasting Angle Dave and I have been podcasting for over two years now, so we jumped into it at just the right time. Finding "Your" Audience We really wanted to make sure we spoke to the mom and pops and small business owners that are new or somewhat new to the industry. Let's Talk Podcast Promotion If you are not sure how to promote your podcast once you get it going let me address that.

How many people have you heard say they want to write a book? The hiatus is over! Thank you so much for your patience while this podcast was on a break. Grow your audience, authority and customer-base with done-for-you podcasting. How can we help you? Our Helpful Podcast Episodes:. Where thought leaders learn how to use podcasting to grow their business.

My suggestion is to use not your phone but a dedicated calling app via the Internet such as Skype. The tool allows you to make HD recordings of good quality. While on your podcasts you will only need the sound, you might find the video stream useful as well when you promote your podcasts on social media. You can use short behind the scenes video samples or video samples from your calls for Instagram Stories, Social Media ads or on Facebook.

Pamela for Skype is another option that is similar to the above one. The tool is available for a 30 days trial period and therefore, you can give it a try regardless of your existing budget or the fact that you are already using another app.

Podcasting: What do I need to know?

There are a lot of tools available in this category. Plus, you will need to keep track of all your guests, your schedules and your collaborators. I suggest a simple and effective free tool like Trello which more than likely will prove to be enough. Other options may include Evernote , Monday or Todoist. You never know what can happen with your local disks. And, you might need to share some of your files among your collaborators or with your guests.

It is important to save your files in the cloud and keep them safe from everything bad that could happen. How to start a podcast on Spotify 2.