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Plant Physiological Ecology. Field methods and instrumentation. Editors: Pearcy, R.W., Ehleringer, J.R., Mooney, H., Rundel, P.W. (Eds.) Free Preview.
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Harper and Row, New York, pp Kuelske S, Bloom AJ Testing an area source model through application to an isolated area source and simultaneous concentration measurements. VDI Berlin Oikos What's New in Plant Physiology Plant Physiol Bloom AJ Diurnal ion fluctuations in the mesophyll tissue of the Crassulacean Acid Metabolism plant, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum. Oecologia Berl Plant Cell Environ Plant Sci Letts Bloom AJ Wild and cultivated barleys show similar affinities for mineral nitrogen.

Plant Physiological Ecology: Field Methods And Instrumentation by Philip W. Rundel

Ann Rev Ecol Syst Bloom AJ, Finazzo J The influence of ammonium and chloride on potassium and nitrate absorption by barley roots depends on time of exposure and cultivar. Bloom AJ Use nitrogen more effectively. American Vegetable Grower, Western Perspective BioSci Proc Hydroponics Soc Am Bloom AJ Ammonium and nitrate as nitrogen sources for plant growth. ISI Atlas of Science Smart D, Bloom AJ The kinetics of ammonium and nitrate absorption in cultivated and wild species of Lycopersicon.

Oecologia Berl. Bloom AJ a Continuous and steady-state nutrient absorption by intact plants. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, Bloom AJ b Principles of instrumentation for physiological ecology. Chapman and Hall, New York, Bloom AJ, Sukrapanna SS Effects of exposure to ammonium and transplant shock upon the induction of nitrate absorption.

Plant Soil J Exp Bot Oecologia Berlin Bloom AJ Crop acquisition of ammonium and nitrate. Bloom AJ Nitrogen dynamics in plant growth systems. Life Support Biosphere Sci Nicoulaud BAL, Bloom AJ Plant growth, urea absorption and assimilation under urea applied foliarly as the sole nitrogen source for tomato.

Plant Physiological Ecology: Field methods and instrumentation

J Am Soc Hort Sci Bloom AJ Nitrogen as a limiting factor: crop acquisition of ammonium and nitrate. Academic Press, San Diego, pp. Bloom AJ Interactions between inorganic nitrogen nutrition and root development. J Plant Nutri Soil Sci Clair DA The chilling sensitivity of root ammonium influx in a cultivated and wild tomato. Bloom AJ Chapter 5. Mineral Nutrition. Sinauer Assoc. Bloom AJ Chapter Assimilation of Mineral Nutrition. J Amer Soc Hort Sci Assimilation of Mineral Nutrients. J Plant Growth Regulation Journal of Plant Growth Regulation Gutschick V.

BioSciences Searles PS, Bloom AJ Nitrate photoassimilation in tomato leaves under short-term exposure to elevated carbon dioxide and low oxygen. Clair DA Water relations under root chilling in a sensitive and tolerant tomato species. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA, pp.

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Measurements by Stocker in the North African deserts and Indonesia Stocker, , and by Lundegardh in forest understories were pioneering attempts to understand the environmental controls on photosynthesis in the field. While these early physiological ecologists were keen observers and often posed hypotheses still relevant today they were strongly limited by the methods and technologies available to them.

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Their measurements provided only rough approximations of the actual plant responses. Laboratory physiologists distrusted the results and ecologists were largely not persuaded of its relevance.

Consequently, it was not until the s and s that physiological ecology began its current resurgence. While the reasons for this are complicated, the development and application of more sophisticated instruments such as the infrared gas analyzer played a major role. In addition, the development of micrometeorology led to new methods of characterizing the plant environments. The combination of methods descriptions, comparative evaluations, and extensive citations makes this volume a bookshelf must for any scientist studying plant responses to the environment.

It also has a wealth of good information for students - Plant Sciences Bulletin; This book provides a guide to the appropriate methodology for field measurements of the environment and of the physiological and morphological responses of plants to their environment, relevant to the study of physiological ecology This book provides a valuable reference work for researchers and those involved in the pure and applied plant sciences - Field Crop Abstracts; One of the nicest features..

It is clearly a book worth having - BioScience; Every practicing physiological ecologist should have a copy Altogether this book contains a lot of valuable information which is helpful not only for someone being new in the field but also for researchers already familiar with a certain technique.

The book is worth its price and can be recommended for a wide range of plant physiologists - Journal of Plant Physiology.

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  • Plant Physiological Ecology.
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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book capable of providing at least a relative measure of stomatal aperture were first used shortly thereafter Darwin and Pertz, Show all. Table of contents 17 chapters Table of contents 17 chapters Principles of instrumentation for physiological ecology Pages Bloom, Arnold J.

Plant Physiological Ecology

Field data acquisition Pages Pearcy, Robert W. Water in the environment Pages Rundel, Philip W.